Finehau Industry Group Inc. was formed in 1983 in Taichung, Taiwan.  In 1993, the company moved its location from Taichung to the heart of Tangxia town in Do?ngguan.  The company currently operates on a lot size of 130,000 square meters and has over 1000 employees.  Finehau Industry Group Inc. specializes in the research and development, production and manufacturing, and marketing and sales of tow straps, recovery straps, bungee cords, tie downs, and other cargo control products in the automotive industry.  Our company currently exports its products to Europe, North and South America, Australia, and Japan etc. ; Finehau Industry Group plans to expand its domestic business to China in 2011.

Finehau Industry Group Inc. places quality and customer service as its highest priority.  In 1999, the company received its ISO9001 certification.  To ensure full customer satisfaction in our products, all employees are required to participate in Quality Control Circle (QCC) training and are required to place ?all products through extensive testing in our quality testing labs.

Finehau is a company that possesses strong capital and uses the latest and technologically advanced manufacturing equipment.  Our production lines include an automatic light and heavy duty webbing production line, a webbing dye line, an automatic PVC injection line, an automatic press line, a casting line, a rope production line, a continue heat treating line, and many others.    

In 2009, Finehau expanded its operations and formed a sister company in an area of 80000 square meters land in Sandong.  The company uses the latest and most advanced equipment and specializes in the metal production industry.   


Finehau industry Group Inc. has business relationships with many large companies and is focused on developing and maintaining strong, long term relationships, where both companies benefit.  The company follows the motto: “Good Services, Good Quality, and Customer First.” All products have passed the German TUV/GS Certification. Currently the company has almost a hundred patents in China, Taiwan, Germany, and the U.S.; the company currently has $8M worth of product liability insurance policy. Finehau Industry Group Inc. recently upgraded to an ERP management system, which has enabled the company to further improve its customer services.

At the same time, the company has increased its focus on improving company culture. This has been done through an increase in sporting activities and volunteer and charity work within the community.

Finehau Industry Group Inc.’s goal is to be the pioneer and the leader within the Cargo Control and tie down manufacturing industry.

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